FasCat Optimize Makes Wearable Data Actionable for Athletes

New Training Technology Helps Athletes Keep Their Training and Recovery on Track

Press Release: December 7, 2022

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Boulder, Colorado – FasCat, the leader in sports science innovation and connected coaching, is proud to unveil Optimize, a next-generation training and data analytics platform. Optimize balances an athlete’s training and recovery — both now measurable through traditional power meters and modern wearables — to deliver actionable daily insights.

Unlimited, science-based training plans that scale to the athlete’s schedule are included in a subscription to Optimize, available now for iOS and Android devices.

With modern wearables like Whoop, Oura, Apple Watch and Garmin products providing sleep and HRV data, many athletes are learning about their key markers of recovery. However, most athletes don’t know how to use that data to adjust their training.

Other programs can help athletes parse wearable data, but Optimize is the only system that combines sleep and HRV data with physiological stress as measured by power meters and heart rate monitors. Optimize integrates both sets of data into FasCat’s proven coaching system to help athletes improve their fitness and achieve their goals in a fun and flexible manner.

“For the past 20 years we have been using power and heart rate data as objective measurements, and relying on an athlete’s self-assessment of their recovery for the other half of the equation,” said FasCat founder, sports scientist, and prominent coach Frank Overton. “Recently, wearable technology has unlocked new ways to measure recovery, but the software and metrics created were not developed for endurance athletes. With Optimize, we can now integrate both halves of the physiological equation with real-time data so athletes can better manage their training and recovery to achieve greatly improved athletic performance.”

A subscription to Optimize, which costs $34.99 per month, or $299.99 for a year, includes unlimited access to all of FasCat’s training plans, workouts, meal plans, recipes and access to expert FasCat coaches who can answer endurance athletes’ training questions.

A key feature of Optimize is The Needle, an easily understandable data visualization of FasCat’s proprietary training and recovery algorithm that shows how rested or stressed an athlete is, based on their training and wearable data. The Needle gives athletes an Optimization Score, which tells them if they need to train more, rest more, or if they are fully Optimized and training just right.

Subscribe to Optimize today.

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