Mission & Core Coaching Values

FasCat’s mission is to share our expertise to help athletes ride faster

1. We enrich the lives of cyclists thru our PASSION for COACHING & Training
We love cycling and love helping cyclists improve their performance on the bike. We are extremely grateful to combine both of these passions into one.

When you enrich the lives of others you enrich your own

This quote is the words we live by. Coaching is in our DNA because all the FasCat Coaches have an innate altruistic personality and ample personal experience training, racing and riding recreationally. Our goal is to use that experience, along with scientifically proven strategies to help you improve your cycling. We’ll tap into our enthusiasm for the sport to coach you better by leading the way (core value #7), keeping you motivated and having fun.

“Do unto our athletes as we would want to be coached”. The FasCat Coaches have all had coaches at one point in their cycling careers (many of them coached by FasCat Founder Frank Overton) and know what it is like to be coached. We’ve all had moments where we’ve need some extra attention, motivation or an objective opinion. Unfortunately too, we know what it’s like to receive bad advice, training plans and/or coaching. Thus, we place a high value on treating each and every athlete we coach with the highest degree of importance.

FasCat is committed to becoming the best coaching company in the US. We are working towards that by delivering the BEST possible customer service along with the best prices in the industry. To be the best we’ve identified six specifications that our coaches possess & use to help FasCat Athletes achieve their goals.

Coaching Qualifications:

– Experience

– Innovation

– Communication

– Technology

– Creative Solutions

Exchanging power data enhances the coach athlete relationship and maximizes what we can do for you because power data is the ultimate form of communication.

When you hire a FasCat Coach, you don’t just get a training plan, you get a relationship with a coach that has similar interests to you and that is responsible for your goals. Your coach will listen to your feedback and learn from your data to figure out what makes you tick. Your coach will understand your life outside of cycling and the balance you need to maintain in order to continue to enjoy your cycling. The net results are trust & faith which is essential to coaching & being coached. We build these relationships with our athletes because we can accomplish more than we would otherwise.

We continue to search out ways to help our athletes perform better, ride faster, increase their power output, recover quicker, stay motivated and reach their goals. All the FasCat coaches are USA Cycling Level 2 Coach certified or higher and Our Dietitian is board certified by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. We don’t pretend to know it all nor are we content with the knowledge we have. We want more and we will seek out every educational opportunity to become better coaches. We all work together to discuss the latest coaching topics, emerging  research on performance and nutrition, as well as strategies we can use to coach our athletes better. From this collaborative environment we combine each other’s knowledge to share with our athletes.

We train hard, race hard and compete hard. We are bike racers just like our athletes. Our race performance is a direct reflection of our ability to coach athletes well. We were all beginners once and have applied the proper amount of work, experience and science to improve.

All the FasCat Coaches are category 2 cyclists or higher. Therefore, we are qualified to show you how to improve as well. We lead by example and know exactly what it is like to suffer while performing intervals, to make sacrifices from taking on a goal and to get psyched up for a race. When we practice what we preach we continue to develop as coaches capable of coaching our athletes better & better.

We take your training, racing, performance and coaching seriously. In fact your goals are our jobs. Tell us what you want to achieve and we’ll show you how to do it. We will hold you accountable to the plan we develop and expect you to hold us accountable for doing a good job. If your coach hasn’t heard from you, it is likely you’ll receive a pro-active email and/or phone call. Similarly our coaches have an open communication policy where you can call anytime to talk, ask questions & receive training plan revisions. If you don’t feel you are on the right track, you should call your coach and ask what steps need to be taken to right your ship. Equally as important, expect a call from your coach if you are not training in a way that is aligned with your goals.

There are no magic bullets. No elixirs, supplements or trademarked workouts that you can buy to obtain results. There are no shortcuts in cycling. Your improvement is like the Smith Barney slogan, “We make money the old fashioned way, we earn it”.

With that said, your coach is not going to prescribe a 15 hour training week if you only have 8 hours to train. Instead we are going to use scientific principles to help you make the most out of your limited time. For example Tempo and Sweet Spot advanced aerobic endurance training.

We’ll work with you from the start to develop an Annual Training Plan and teach you how to train properly in order to improve and reach your goals. You’ll work as hard as your goals are high and we’ll even help you set tiered goals in order to balance your time on the bike with the rest of your life. That is the essence of good quality coaching and what you can expect from the coaches here at FasCat.