DIY training camp: How to supercharge your training and have a lot of fun!


Professional racers do team training camps for a few reasons, and amateurs can benefit from doing their own version, too. In this podcast, Coaches Allie Legg, Suzie Snyder and Elliott Baring talk about their experiences with both pro and DIY training camps, and explain exactly how you can pull off your own training camp.

Spoiler alert: You don't even have to travel to do a training camp; you can just take a couple days off work to make a four-day weekend block at home.

That said, going somewhere nice and warm can certainly supercharge your mental health as well as your base fitness. We just had three spots open up for our Feb. 14-19 Tucson Training Camp if you want to join us in Arizona!

Wherever you are riding this winter, enjoy your time on and off the bike.


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