Your Optimize Subscription is Like Having a Coach!

Our Optimized subscription is a more affordable coaching solution for 80% less than the cost of hiring a 1x1 Coach. For $35 a month you get access to all our training plans and personalized coaching advice for which plans to select to achieve your goals.

Here’s how it works:

Step 1. Download the Optimized App and subscribe.

Step 2. Click the ⍰ icon inside Optimize to access our team of professional coaches. Tell us what you are training for, and we’ll respond with personalized coaching advice and tell you which training plans to follow.

Step 3. Sync your ride data and wearable data* (FREE Whoop band w/ Optimized Subscription**).

Step 4. Keep asking coaching questions about which training phase to do next.

Here’s an example of how it works: Athlete Jane has an event with lots of climbing that’s 12 weeks away. She lets us know her goal in Optimize, and we suggest that she follows our Sweet Spot Part 3 plan for six weeks and then our Climbing Intervals plan for the next six weeks. This will build her base, increase her threshold power, and set her up for success in 12 weeks.

Here’s another example: Athlete Joe has started to race and wants to do group rides to balance out the hard days with the easy days. We will recommend that he follows in our In-Season Road Intervals Plan, or that he does our Sweet Spot Part 4 plan to increase FTP with mid-week VO2 intervals balanced with long, fun rides on Saturdays.

Wondering what to do? Which plans to choose? Just ask a FasCat Coach. In the App hit the ⍰ in the upper right corner or email Subscribe HERE and start training for your goals today!

*Optimize will tell you to train more or less and help you track your recovery. Don’t have a wearable? No problem, you don’t need one to follow a plan. In fact - all you need to follow a plan and improve is a stopwatch timer! Simple, effective, and fun.

**But if you want a wearable we’ll give you a Whoop for FREE once subscribed! Good luck with your training and we hope to help you from within Optimize soon.

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