Why be coached? Three national champions discuss

Many racers dream of winning a national title and wearing the jersey, but few achieve it. Recently, not one but three FasCat athletes achieved their goals of winning at the U.S. national championships, and how critical it is to have a coach as a guide and mentor throughout the season.

FasCat Coach Zach Gregg won the amateur U.S. time trial title (after placing fourth in the pro TT), and two athletes he coaches also scored jerseys as Patrick Welch won the U23 TT and Liam Flanagan won the U23 criterium. Liam Flanagan wins the US U23 criterium title

Zach, Patrick and Liam sat down for a podcast to talk about the demands of juggling racing, school, and work, and about the dynamics of the coach-athlete relationship.

Perhaps most telling is the fact that Coach Zach has a coach himself; even when you are highly knowledgable about training and physiology, it's always helpful to have outside, objective feedback and guidance when striving towards a goal.

Check out the podcast for the great conversation!