Zwift Racing Plan - All new for 2023/2024

Included in Optimize - our new training platform! All new ūüí• Our Zwift Racing plan has workouts specific to the power demands of Zwift as well as designated race days so that you'll have 'fresh legs' for your races.


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About Zwift Racing Plan - All new for 2023/2024

  • Specifically for the power demands of Zwift Racing
  • Warm Up Protocol
  • Race Start Practice Workouts
  • Over-Unders and Criss Crosses
  • Includes Sweet Spot OTS rides¬†

All new ūüí• for the 2022/2024 indoor racing season, our Zwift Racing plan has workouts specific to the power demands of Zwift¬†ZRL Racing.¬†¬†

You may edit the plan as much as you would like for mid-week races. Just be sure to race once per week and to move your openers and the rest day up to accommodate to your races.

There are longer sweet spot OTS rides for the Sundays after your race days. See the example 2 week calendar with an eye on our 'diabolical criss-cross workout' that will make you Cry in the DoJo so you can Laugh on the Battlefield! 

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