January Winning In the Kitchen Challenge

Winning in the Kitchen

I talk to athletes all the time about their nutrition and generally everyone does a great job with their carbohydrate and protein consumption. Snacks too. What I've noticed is that even the most disciplined athletes are deficient with their vegetables and greens. Since vegetables and greens are such a large part of winning in the kitchen, we have a challenge for you: Include one serving of a vegetable and one serving of greens with every meal (3 a day) for the next 31 days. 

Here's my Winning in the Kitchen Breakfast: 3 eggs & 1 cup rice + a stalk of steamed broccoli and a heaping serving of kale.

For lunch try chicken and rice with steamed broccoli * (again) over a bed of arugula (rocket lettuce) or greens of your choice.

For dinner try our Salmon Watts Recipe!

Go Fast Vegetables:

Broccoli - steam a bunch in your rice cooker and store in tupperware to always have handy.

Brussels sprouts - I like to cut them in half and roast in the cast iron skillet the same time as my salmon cooks.

Asparagus - stir fry or also roast in the cast iron skillet while cooking the salmon Cabbage, Beets, Celery, okra, cucumbers, peas, carrots

Go Fast Greens: Arugula (rocket lettuce), Kale, Spinach, Romaine and anything else leafy and green

Use #WinningIntheKitchen on social media and let us know how much healthier, happier and faster 'you got' in the comments below. I think you'll lose some weight too.

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