SBT GRVL 2023 tips and tricks podcast

Steamboat Gravel is one of the biggest and best gravel races in the world, and we at FasCat are lucky enough to have this virtually in our backyard. 

This year, we are flying in all our coaches for the event, and will be riding recon with FasCat athletes ahead of the race.

Further, we are doing a SBT GRVL simulation ride in Boulder on August 5 on a route that FasCat Founder Frank Overton has cooked up to match the demands and terrain of SBT.

Simulation rides are a key part of gravel training, as you not only prepare your body but also test and prepare your bike and gear for race day.

On this podcast, Frank and Ben Delaney discuss all the critical preparation pieces of the SBT GRVL - many of which apply to any gravel race!


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