Ask a FasCat #22: How to use HRV, post-event blues, and more

Our 'Ask a FasCat' episodes are always fun because we take your questions, give them some thought, and FasCat founder Frank Overton delivers advice on a wide range of topics.

On this episode, we dig into HRV, weight training, weight loss, overcoming plateaus, dealing with post-event blues, which workouts to prioritize when traveling, and much more.

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Reference links mentioned in show:

What to eat before early workouts:

Using your Powermeter for Weight Loss Training:
What it takes to be a FasCat Coach, as relates to our Mission Statement and Core Values:
What makes a good coach:
Coach Jake's tip (and demonstration) on using Zwift to FtFP his way to 200 TSS on his training plan:
University of Queensland study 'A Validation of Six Wearable Devices for Estimating Sleep, Heart Rate and Heart Rate Variability in Healthy Adults' funded the Australian Institute of Sport:


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