Switching From Base to Race Podcast

It's getting to be that time of year when the first races of the season are quickly approaching, you've been (hopefully) putting in some solid base training, and your A race is on the foreseeable horizon. It's time to start thinking about switching into race specific training with our sweet spot part 3 plan with over unders and criss cross intervals.

Coach Frank and Jackson are here to discuss the reasoning behind switching from base to race, building upon our Master's CTL podcast. We break down calculating out when that time frame is, what kind of workouts or training plans you should be doing, and answer some listener questions.

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About Frank Overton

Frank founded FasCat Coaching in 2002 and has been a full time cycling coach since 2004. His educational background includes a Masters degree in Physiology from North Carolina State University, pre-med from Hampden-Sydney College. Frank raced at a professional level on the road and mountain bike and currently competes as a "masters" level gravel and cyclocrosser. Professionally Frank comes from medical school spinal cord research and molecular biotechnology. However, to this day it is a dream come true for Frank to be able to help cyclists as a coach.

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