Power Analysis of a Tour de France Femmes Breakaway

Antri Christoforou of Human Powered Health spent 150km in the breakaway at the Tour de France Femmes on stage 5, and here is an inside look at the power it took to get off the front and stay there with three other riders at the biggest race in the world.

"We all worked together, we talked, and we did a great job and got a good gap," Christoforou said. "We almost got it!"

The break was caught within the final 10km as the sprinters' teams set up for the finish.  

Antri Christoforou stage 5 TdF Femmes

To get clear of the peloton, Christoforou did 369 watts for a minute (6.33 w/kg) and then settled into 251 watts for 21 minutes (4.2 w/kg). 

Once the break was established, "Christoforou did 203 watts normalized and 185 watts average for a whopping three and a half hours," said FasCat founder Frank Overton, who analyzed Christoforou's data as an official team partner. "This is an intensity factor of .75, which is low tempo, but you try that for four hours!"

Anatomy of a Tour de France Femmes Break

Part 1 - The separation: 369w for 1 minute (6.33 w/kg)
Part 2 - Establishing the break: 251w for 21 minutes (4.2 w/kg)
Part 3 - Riding to stay away from the peloton: 203w NP for 3.5 hours (3.5w/kg)

Christoforou TdF s5 stats

FasCat director of coaching Isaiah Newkirk also poured through Christoforou's power file. "After the break was settled until the end it was a bit chiller and really steady with a couple of spikes," Newkirk said. "The final 22 minutes when the peloton was closing in was a hard effort at 222 watts normalized or .82  IF, especially considering at this point she was 2,755 KJs in to a big day."

"It really was an impressive day for her," Newkirk said, "both in terms of the overall effort and how steady she was able to ride all day in the break."

Antri Christoforou's full metrics for stage 5 

4:33:10 total time 
3,104 KJs
211w normalized power 
187w average power
5,892 feet elevation gain
23.9mph average speed
914rpm average cadence
109 miles
Christoforou stage 5 TdF Femmes break