Nino's Circuit Training

Nino Schurter's "Secret" Circuit Training is so specialized that most traditional gyms do not have the required equipment. However, in his "Hunt for Glory" youtube series he details what you need and how to do his circuit training

What You Need:

You can set up your own home gym and do Nino's secret circuit training with these 12 items (bold orange are links to buy): ** If you buy one item, buy the Balance Board, #10. The bike balance board (#9) and the Pedalo (#7) are only available from Europe so you can skip those. The main point is to adopt Nino's routine to your resources and work hard with what you have.

  1. Skateboard
  2. Old Handlebar
  3. Box Jump
  4. Swiss Ball
  5. Hula Hoop!!
  6. Barbells, 2kg's
  7. Pedalo
  8. Medicine Ball (2kg) with Rope
  9. Bike Balance Board
  10. Revolution Balance Board**
  11. Viper Tube, 5kg
  12. 5 and 10 lb weights same as you'd put on a squat bar

How to do it:

Once you have your circuit training equipment all set you are ready to do Nino's 30-minute Circuit Training. We have outlined 17 movements below to be performed ALL OUT 20 seconds "on" and 20 seconds "off. Then move onto the next circuit for 30 minutes total.

1. In a Plank position with the Viper (5kg) underneath your chest on the ground: Slide the viper back n forth on the ground alternating hands.

2. Stand on Balanced Board (juggling optional) Move side to side balancing the entire time

3. With a Medicine Ball 2kg between your feet/ankles: Move your legs with knees locked out from side to side on your back but never touch the ground

4. Sit on Balance Board: hands out to the side, knees up like a crunch - 'rock' back n forth

5. Sit on Balance Board with hands on either side of the board > backs of feet on 5lb weights: while balancing, elevate your butt off the board and slide your feet on the weights, up and down towards and away from you all the while your butt is off the ground, hands on holding you up balancing on the board (diabolical!)

6. Hula Hoop! Up Level is Hula Hooping on the Balance Board

7. With Old Handlebar overtop a skateboard get in a plank-like position with feet on the Pedalo: 'pedal' 10 feet forward and then 10 feet backward, back n forth

8. Balanced Board Planks and PushUps with 2kg Barbells: alternate between a pushup and then raising the barbell with your right arm/then left arm up to the ceiling (similar to the moves you do in YOGA)

9. Medicine Ball Extensions: Lying on your stomach on a bench above your waist take a medicine ball between your feet/ankles and raise/lower it

10. Balance board "recovery"

11. Shoulder & Core "Inchworms": with knees on a bench or couch and hands on the Pedalo, pedal all the way out to a fully outstretched plank and then 'pedal' back, raising your butt up: back n forth

12. Sit on Balance Board (Repeat # 4): hands out to the side, knees up like a crunch - 'rock' back n forth

13. Box Twist Plyometrics w/ Old Handlebar: Jump off the box twisting in the air, landing in a squat position and back up on the box (also twisting). The secret sauce is for your feet to be on the ground for only a split second, as fast as possible

14. Standing on Balance Board (juggling optional)

15. Swiss Ball Squats (diabolical!): with your handlebar and medicine ball with a rope, stand on a swiss ball, hold the medicine ball out in front of you and squat (yes, squat)

16. Bike Balance Board for "Recovery": One foot forward and one foot back to mimic descending. Alternate with the other foot forward

17. Single Legged Stair Jumps - on one leg hop up an entire flight stairs as fast as possible, alternate between single leg right and left leg hops and then both legs together - ALL for 1 flight each (so 3 trips UP)

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