How to Adjust Your FasCat Training Plan

You've applied your FasCat Training Plan, but now life has thrown a monkey wrench in your schedule? No problem! You can drag & drop workouts in your calendar to adjust them to better fit your schedule! Just left click on the workout you want to move & drag it to a different day:

Then drag & drop the other workout to keep your calendar organized:    

That's it! Nice & simple. What if you need to re-start your plan because you set the wrong start date or applied it & then got sick or had unexpected travel? In those cases, it is best to un-apply the plan & re-apply it with a different start date so you can avoid having double workouts from the plan being applied to your calendar twice. *Note that plans with fixed end dates for specific events cannot be re-applied on different dates.

unapply training plan in trainingpeaks

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