Optimized At Home Weight Lifting New for 2022

Included in Optimize - our new training platform! 10 week training AT HOME weight lifting plan: Squat, ViPR and KettleBell movements you can do at HOME. Four Phases + on the Bike Workouts, Instructions w/ video demos + sets and reps for the weight lifting included!


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About Optimized At Home Weight Lifting New for 2022

  • Squat, ViPR and KettleBell movements 
  • This program is modified from our tried 'n true 10 week weight lifting plan

Increase your Functional Threshold Power Output this winter with our 10 week training AT HOME weight lifting plan.

You will need a squat rack, 2 kettlebells (a light one and a heavy one) and a ViPR tube at home to complete this program.  

Read and listen to our at home weight lifting podcast with a full explanation, here.

Weight lifting for cycling ‘works’ and we’ve been coaching cyclists with cycling specific resistance training plans like this for 18 years. This at home program is modified from our tried 'n true 10 week weight lifting plans so you can stay safe at home this winter. Listen to the Weight Lifting Podcast here!

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